Meet Our Artists

Media Studio One was created around the idea that contemporary art needs to be accessible to everyone no matter their income level. We offer a wide variety of original artwork from inexpensive digital prints in standard frame sizes to high-end archival quality museum prints. In addition to fine art, we offer an assortment of craft goods, home decor items, and gifts for everyone to enjoy.

Dustin M. Rosemark

D.M. Rosemark is a filmmaker, photographer, and collage artist  with experience in transnational, multi-lingual film-production on both feature-length and short films. In addition to film, Dustin works within the contemporary alternative process and analogue photography spaces creating new and unique artworks from traditional methods.

Dustin was the recipient of a 2010 Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Grant to produce his 2012 film Blue Hands; a novel animation technique drawing from some of the best photographic talents around the country. In 2012 Dustin began production on his 2014 film 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind; a feature-length cultural documentary shot in 13 different countries over the course of 6 months. In 2014 Dustin was again awarded a Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Grant to finance his production Looking At: Looking Into, a film project examining the relationship between media and voyeurism through antique exhibition machines called Mutoscopes. In 2015 Dustin was named a Flight School Fellow; a partnership between Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Creative Capital and The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. Dustin has recently finished post-production on his 2nd feature-length film Inferno, a surrealist interpretation of Dante Alighieri’s famous morality tale.

Dustin serves as Chief Creative Officer at Media Studio One, managing all product lines from development through production and distribution. He also curates the various guest artists represented on the platform, and guides them through production. In addition to art Dustin enjoys military history, philosophy, chess, and plays competitive pinball.

Amanda Rosemark

Amanda Rosemark is a paper goods artist and modern calligrapher. Amanda started creating handmade greeting cards in elementary school and her passion for traditional paper craft was born. Now, she specializes in various types of postal correspondence, invitations, and home décor. Amanda’s approach to paper-craft is to combine various media with techniques in watercolor, illustration, and calligraphy, creating unique items that make any home or communication more special. Amanda owns various product lines at Media Studio One including Greeting Cards, Stickers, Watercolor and Illustrated décor.

Amanda serves as Operations Officer for Media Studio One. In this role she manages business planning, finance, and all things technology. When not being artistic or working with technology, Amanda can be found putting miles on her bicycle or baking.