Who is D.M. Rosemark?

Dustin D.M Rosemark is a mixed multimedia artist living in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. His work is principally focused on reproduction based media — with a specialization in antiquarian photographic processes. He works in collage, analog photography, alternative process printing, film production, redactive poetry, and sculpture.

His work consistently tackles appropriation, addressing the media saturation in our society. His goal is to take common images, which we are constantly bombarded with, and transform that commonality into something artistically unique. He accomplishes this through collage by appropriating from print magazine and through analog photography by appropriating from a massive library of historical, armature, and commercial photography. The central ideal is to do as little as possible to a piece of media, but still have that work feel transformed. Think of it like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa — little has been done to the original, but needless to say its meaning has been changed.

D.M Rosemark received his degree from Rockport College (Maine Media Workshops) in 2006. He has since been awarded a Jerome Emerging Artist production grant twice, and in 2015 was named a Flight School Fellow — a collaboration between the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and Creative Capital.

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